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More than just a tailgate!...

The Bengal Bomb Squad is a Bengal and football family! We work together to make the best tailgate parties on Sundays ... but we also work together (and with other NFL fans) to help the local community!

We also work with sponsors and partners to make the tailgates and away game Sundays better for everyone!


Almost every away game, we can be found at one of the Cincinnati-area Rooster's! We can also be found either attending or hosting special "events" around the area to support local charities as well as community groups!

We're everywhere!


We like to take the time, right now, to thank the businesses who help us out by sponsoring us! In addition, we'd like to take a moment and draw some extra-attention to the charitable groups we support through our tailgates, our events, and our attendance!


Ickey Woods Youth Foundation representatives can often be found near our parties, signing autographs when you show support for their worthwhile cause!

In 2010, we hosted the "We Believe! Kickoff Party" at Rooster's in Milford. We organized raffles, games, facepainting, a silent auction, and more all to raise donations for the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation! Superfans The Bengal Thing, WhoDeyBaby, the Bengal FANatic, and Big John were in attendance as well as a host of Bengal-themed vehicles! Former players were also on-hand to sign autographs and benefit the worthwhile cause!


Doug Pelfry's and Jim Breech's Kicks For Kids benefit every time your purchase an Bengal Bomb Squad "Orange & Black 4-EVER!" button from Cincinnati-area Rooster's on gamedays!


Members of the Bengal Bomb Squad also participate in meet-and-greets for children of all ages including the Hall of Fame's First Play, Children's Hospitals, and other community events!

We've also participated in Bengal-themed art shows, posing for photos with younger fans and promoting the events to our family of fans!


If there's any way that our Bengal family can help your organization, just drop us a line! We're always open to supporting our community in new and fun ways! Just email Big John and we'll see what we can do to help! WHO DEY!