The Bengal's Buffalo Bust-up!
The Bengals's Buffalo Bust-up! (Bengals vs. Bills)
New Rob pours a round of Bengal Bombs! Fans, friends, and guests gather! The Works crew meets WhoDeyBaby! Makeup! I neeeeeed makeup! Big John gets down with Monica! The key to a good tailgate - Friends & Conversation! Mel and Stu, the BBS's cutest couple! Always a good time to be had! Gathering for a chorus of KISS ME! As the song goes on, the group gets bigger and the singing gets LOUDER! Kirstie gets her gameface on! Kirstie converts her Colts-loving boyfriend into a Bomb Squadder! Kirstie's MEAN face! Fireman Andy and Mitch chillin before gametime! The first part of a gameface ... a willing victim! Nothing says WHO DEY like Orange ... Little white to bring our the team spirit! Here comes the black stripes! From Colts fan to Who Dey Hero! Get mean! Ain't no party like a WHO DEY Party!