Ratbird Riot
Ratbird Riot! (Bengals vs. Ravens)
Now THIS is a Tailgate! Friends from Canton find us in Cincinnati! The gang gathers for a chorus of KISS ME! Guests visit from everywhere! New and wild costumes! Is that a pager? Sit two rows behind us? Come join the party! Let's toast! Gameface! Food and friends under the tents! Now that's some hair! That's a WHO DEY Smile! One carved Ratbird served, one more cooking! Every mother's nightmare! What have I gotten myself into? Welcoming old and new friends! The popular 'Bengal Tear' body paint! KISS ME Toast! Andre!!!! Fun and conversation! The view from the sidelines! LilWhoDey shows Thing how to vamp it up! Rob and his buddy Andre! Show us your 'B's! Are we havin fun or what!?! Take a step back! Bengal Thing and Mark (un-masked FANatic)! Make a wish Jen! A beer and a bomb! Parents making sure the kids don't have all the fun! The Bengal Thing ... unmasked! Serving up some Ratbird! Sending a text that says, 'Hey! I just got a cool new t-shirt!'! Eric eats hardy!! Kelly & Meg high-five! Big John wants YOU ... for the Bengal Bomb Squad! Did you know WhoDeyBaby is available for photos? Hey! I know those guys! We don't do subtle 'round here! WhoDeyBaby and John M.! It's a WhoDey cuddle-up! WhoDeyBaby and Mark (unmasked FANatic)! Three men vs. one keg ... Oh that poor keg! Kelly, WhoDeyBaby, and Don! We've had how many Bengal Bombs? Superfans of all ages! Ain't No Party Like A WHO DEY Party!