Doin' It Dawgy Style
Doin' It Dawgy Style! (Bengals vs. Browns)

Cornhole in the morning!

New Rob!

Lil Shel's first tailgate ... with Big John!

Keepin' the cornhole going!

Da Boys!

Steppin' up and lookin' cute!

Eric and Twisted Tea!

Karen caught napping!

Lil Shel & Eric keep warm!

Mel and Stu always having fun!

Fireman Andy and New Rob ... can beer be close by?

Chatting with new friends!

It's warm and fun under the tents!

New arrivals!

Big John gives Lil Shel a new perspective!


The tailgates have come a long way from their first one!

Time for a little KISS ME!

Everyone wants to sing!

Raise your glasses!

Friends and music!

Christine and friend are new to the BBS experience!

Tradition, fun, friends, music ... life doesn't get any better!

Ain't no party like a Who Dey Party!