A Who Dey HoliDEY!
A Who Dey HoliDEY! (Bengals vs. Chargers)

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor FREEZING temps will stop the Bengal Bomb Squad!

Are you ready for some fun?

New Rob SINGS!

Souvenir bomber cups!

John and Karen huddle for warmth!

Lauren's parents begin to wonder...!

A round of bombs and a sing-a-long!

Friends will be friends!

Now THIS is quality family time!

Fireman Andy and a pretty girl surprises here!

Huddling for warmth around Lil Shel!


The Veerkamp girls show mom their new boyfriend...NEW ROB!

The girls join in the singing!

T-Bone sings from atop the tailgate!

It's all about a good time!

We must pour faster!

We sing for one more round of bombs!

Staying warm under the tent!

This just looks like trouble ...

Karen is warm and happy!

Let's make some noise!

We always have a good time!

What's the freezing point of Orange Crush?

A Who Dey Toast!


Drunken friendship!


The girls match his hair...

T-Bone and Drew meet FANatic!

Ain't No Party Like A Who Dey Party!