Who Dey HoliDEY!
2009-12-27 Bengals vs. Chiefs (Who Dey HoliDEY!)

For those unaware, the tailgates don't begin in Lot 1 ... they begin as the Bengal Bomb Squad gathers in the mornings (usually around 730 am) to get ready for the ride down!

Rob strikes an early morning pose. The Who Dey Heroes Bus crew before the tailgate.

For the final home game of the regular season, some members of the Bengal Bomb Squad took time to have some fun and pose for photos before heading down to the tailgate lot. This is the crew of the Who Dey Heroes Bus as the early morning sun rises north of I-275! A "Who Dey HoliDEY" was declared as the Bengals took on the Chiefs and the Bengal Bomb Squad gathered for the final tailgate of the 2009 regular season!

Early arrivals to the party. Members of the Bengals World message boards and friends start to gather for the party.

On a chilly morning, the group was ready to tailgate and party, for certain. After the holidays and two weeks of Away Games, every member of the Bengal Bomb Squad was ready to reunite for one more regular-season blast!

Josiah showcases the new Bengal Bomb Squad winter hats. Rob shows off his new Christmas gift, his personalized 'New Rob' jersey! John shows off his Christmas Bengals' snuggie!

Holiday gifts were a plenty! "New Rob" debuted his brand new jersey, the Bengal Bomb Squad stocking caps kept many guests warm, and the all-new Bengal Bomb Squad t-shirts made their debut!

Andy & his girls show up ready to party! As always, Beer Pong was popular with attendees.

The more the merrier is always the case at a Bomb Squad tailgate ... and as more guests arrived, it continues to be the Who Dey truth of it!

Bill & Rob discuss the problems with the new heater.

Thanks to donations from tailgate attendees, a new heater was added for the chilly tailgate. Sadly, the new heater was defective and ended-up just being a teasing decoration. However, guests have no fear! It was replaced for upcoming tailgates!

Jerry & Brennan bring their family and their tailgate over to join with the Bengal Bomb Squad!

Also, thanks to new members Jerry & Brennan --- and their family --- who've now merged their nearby tailgate with the Bomb Squad's, a third heater was added to the mix! All of our guests were as warm as possible as we enjoyed food, games, and great friends & family --- both new & old! --- during the HoliDEY!

Dan & Rachel have a few laughs. New Rob is joined by his lovely wife Carrie. Jason & Josiah as only they can be. This group of friends gets bigger with every game. WhoDeyBaby & Mel pose with a new Bomb Squad friend!

Without a doubt, everyone was in great spirits and were ready to watch the Bengals clinch the AFC North title ... the team's 2nd in five seasons!

The bagpipes have begun to blow... ...and the Bomb Squad begins to dance!

As has become a Bengal Bomb Squad tradition, the bagpipes cued a fun sing-a-long & dance-a-long rendition of "Kiss Me ...!" Always a highlight of the Bomb Squad tailgates!

Joe & Tasha showcase their wilder side! Jessica returns for a 2nd tailgate and enjoys a HoliDEY with Dan. Stacy & Josiah ... the first-ever Bomb Squad couple! New Rob helps show Carrie how to have fun during a chilly tailgate. Big John, Rachel, Bill & Dianne ... the family that tailgates together, stays together!

Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, family, dates, and strangers are always happy to pose together and celebrate a good time at the Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate! A little Paul Brown Cider, some good food, and great music go a long way in making a spectacular "Who Dey Day!"

Some delicious honey-baked ham anyone? A little paint, an early morning, and a over-achieving hairline go a long Who Dey Way! Jason & Josiah relax with a few drinks. Jason & Andy represent what 'Bengal Tough' is all about!

It's a championship party in the air ... and there are smiles to be had all around!

It's time to pour the Bombs! 1-2-3 ... WHO DEY! Beer Pong ... always a challenge to stay on one's feet. A few too many bombs for a new 21 year-old!

The Bengal Bombs, of course, were in full effect and the party was flowing freely! Beer Pong, Tiger Bombs, & Bengal Bombs kept everyone in the wildest Who Dey moods ever! Even Brittany, who turned 21 during the week, was in great Bengal spirits ... although she was feeling the effects of her week-long party.

The definition of a true tailgate, good friends & cold drinks. Without a doubt, you are in 'Bengals Country.' Keeping warm and grabbing a bite.

Everyone who partied enjoyed huddling together as a group under the tents throughout the tailgate to keep warm by the heaters. A party this size, however, can't be confined to such limited space!

Jason, Joe, & Judy talk Bengals and good food! New Rob finds a new friend, and pose in front of the Who Dey Heroes Bus! Tasha and her good friend relax before kickoff.

There are new friends and new things happening at every turn at a Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate. It's all part of the magic of a Who Dey HoliDEY!

Big John discusses the Chris Henry Tribute with fellow tailgaters as the moment approaches. Big John raises his fist in appreciation as horn honking is heard all across the riverfront in honor of the fallen Chris Henry.

Sadly, this tailgate also marked the first home game since the tragic death of Bengals's Wide Receiver ... Chris "Slim" Henry. An idea spawned on the message boards ... at 11:15 am, tailgaters held their own tribute to #15 by honking their horns 15 times for 15 seconds. The Bengal Bomb Squad immediately joined the effort to spread the word of the tribute, and using Twitter, this website, message boards, and local sports media ... tailgaters across the riverfront joined in. It was one of the single most touching moments to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan.

Our traditional group shot ... for our final regular season tailgate in 2009 ... AFC NORTH CHAMPS!

At the end of the day, it was an unforgettable tailgate and a unforgettable game as Chris Henry was remembered and the Bengals clinched the AFC North. The Bengal Bomb Squad definitely did what we could to make 2009 memorable, with friends & family ... both new and old ... that we're proud to have join us in Lot 1!