Ratbird Riot!
2009-11-08 Bengals vs. Ravens (Ratbird Riot!)

Friends, family, and new friends gathered for the feast the was the Bengal Bomb Squad's "Ratbird Riot" before the Cincinnati Bengals took on the Raven for the second time this season.

Josiah & Rob start the tailgate off with a friendly drink.

New friends, excited Bengals fans eager to partake in the party as the team sat on top of the AFC North, came from all over the state, including two who drove from Toledo! They were among the first to arrive, walking up to the tailgate almost as soon as the Who Dey Heroes Bus pulled into the lot!

Our new friends, Bengals fans from Toledo, Ohio!

Guests were surprised this week with our new tailgate donation trinkets! All guests who donated to the tailgate were not only entered in our prize drawing giveaway, but they were also given their choice of beads or the new tiger tattoos! Either one let them proudly show their support for the orange & black!

Tracy wears her Bengal Bomb Squad tiger proudly for all to see! Rachel & Big John smile and pose! It's rare to get them side-by-side at a tailgate for a photograph, they're always busy having too much fun!

It was a relaxing day at the tailgate for some! The sun was shining bright and nothing beats good friends, great food, and Cincinnati Bengals football.

Guests return from the 1st ever Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate!

For others, the party was just getting started! Jason, Dan, & Big John (with extra foreground dancing by Rob) treated guests to another rendition of "Kiss Me, I'm Sh*tfaced!" It was captured on video, so who knows where that may appear!

It's time to sing!

WhoDeyBaby, LilWhoDey, The Bengal Thing, and Tracy returned from a brief appearance at Longworth's with a couple cases of hot sauce ... and just in time for a round of Tiger Bombs!

Getting the bombs ready!

The deep friend Ratbird (turkey) was a smash hit and was devoured in a matter of minutes! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Rob & Darleen for getting the bird ready ... and to Bill for carving the beast!

Rob enjoys a hard-earned Ratbird leg while he poses with Melissa!

It was a family affair, in many ways, this tailgate! Melissa's mom, Judy, returned to the tailgate after a two-game absence (We miss ya' Joe! Get better and get back here!), Rachel's mom Darleen enjoyed her first tailgate with the Bomb Squad, and new members Joe & Natasha brought their two daughters - Taylor & Tiara - to their first Bomb Squad Tailgate as part of a family celebration!

Judy & Dianne prepare the birthday cake for their 'little ones'! Rachel & Darleen, daughter & mother, take time to pose at the tailgate! Taylor meets The Bengal Thing!

Speaking of family & celebrations ... it was also a birthday party! The tailgate celebrated the birthdays of Melissa, Big John, and Tiara with a birthday cake and fun (if not slightly intoxicated) singing of "Happy Birthday!"

A birthday wish for a Bengals win!

The food & offerings were so popular, every chair was filled (for the FIRST TIME!) at the tailgate! Guests all had to take time and sample all of the surprising treats!

Have a seat and enjoy the party!

In an attempt to get everyone into the stadium a little sooner ... and make cleanup a little smoother ... this was the first tailgate with a little bit of scheduling used. Right on time, with 15 minutes until cleanup, LilWhoDey and WhoDeyBaby were busy pouring the final round of Bengal Bombs!

It's almost time to give a WHO DEY cheer!

One of the largest rounds of bombs ever, everyone enjoyed giving a WHO DEY shout out before downing their Bengal Bomb!


Then came our prize drawing! Everyone who donated was automatically entered in the drawing and this week we gave away three Bengals car light ups! For the first time ever, The Bengal Thing did not win! It was all three winners first time winning the prize drawing!

Our donation prize drawing winners!

In the end, it was time for the group photo, and what a group it was! With over fifty guests, this may have been our largest tailgate ever (the '09 Texans game is the only other tailgate to top fifty people)! The group was so large that members WhoDeyBaby & LilWhoDey didn't even make it into the final group shot!

Maybe our largest tailgate ever!

In the end, a fantastic tailgate and one of the best parties all year! The day was complete as the Bengals dominated the Ravens and remained on top of the AFC North! WHO DEY!