Everything's bigger in Texas!
2009-10-18 Bengals vs. Texans (Everything's bigger in Texas!)
The Bengal Bomb Squad giving a Bengal Bomb salute!

After two weeks of away games, the Bengal Bomb Squad was back in action tailgating in Lot 1 for the Bengals against the Texans at PBS! Our theme this week was "Everything's bigger in Texas!" and we proved that to no end!

An early shot down the spread of the tables.

The menu selections filled not one, not two, not 3, not four, but five tables with food choices! Everything from Texas Raisins (which were incredible), to a giant Big Texan Steak Quesadilla, Tex Mex Chicken and San Antonio Pork had tastebuds overflowing with delight!

The giant cupcake cake!

And the food didn't stop there! We had more desserts than any full-fledged cowboy could handle. A giant Cupcake Cake (decorated for the game), a huge triple-decker chocolate chip cookie pie with icing, a Who Dey Cookie dessert, and a traditional Texas sheet cake had all of us on a sugar high.

Bengals' Safety Tom Nelson's parents were kind enough to stop by.

We had guests and visitors from Iowa, Kansas, and even Australia join us this week! Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. We even had a surprise visit by the parents of Bengals Safety (from Hard Knocks) Tom Nelson!

WhoDeyDaddy and WhoDeyBaby.

The family love didn't stop there as WhoDeyBaby brought with him the original WhoDeyDaddy who took in a live game for the first time in years and tried his hand at ladder golf!

Bengal Thing and Jason Hex, winners of two of the stuffed roaring tigers!

This week, we offered a special giveaway! Everyone who donated received a set of orange & black beads and were entered into a drawing for a stuffed roaring tiger. We promised to giveaway at least one, and up to four, depending on the number of donations received. Well, all four were given away to happy homes! (although be sure and check out Pork Chop's story in the "Our Guests" section for a great laugh on the troubles of getting them home)

Bengal Bomb Squad members - Stephanie, Stacy, and Rachel!

We welcomed new members, new regulars, and quite a few old friends as everyone was in a Who Dey mood! Our final tally had over 50 guests visiting the tailgate before the game! There were so many, the widescreen shot below is the ONLY group shot that got most everyone in. Anyone have a wide angle lens??

As close to a full group as we can get!