Detroit Rock City!
2009-12-06 Bengals vs. Lions (Detroit Rock City!)

The first official tailgate of winter was fantastic party for the Bengals & Lions game.

It's an Orange & Black party!

A group of Detroit Lions fans came down to enjoy the tailgate and game. A great group of guys, some of them came all the way down from Toronto! They even took over one of the grills to fire up some Detroit Chili Dogs for the Bomb Squad to sample!

Who Dey Baby shows the Lions fans how to party! Grilling some delicious Detroit Chili Dogs!

The "Paul Brown Cider" (aka Apple Pie) returned for a second straight tailgate! Enjoyed by all, it was a fantastic way to keep warm on a chilly December morning. Look for this delicious drink to continue appearing at Bengal Bomb Squad tailgates.

Dan pouts, because his cup is now empty. New Rob & John M. relax with a cold drink. Karen LOVES Paul Brown Cider!

There was more to drink, of course. The tailgate was the debut of our new "official" Bengal Bomb Squad bomber cups! Every Bengal Bomb tasted even more delicious in these shooters! Bengal Bombs & Tiger Bombs were enjoyed throughout the tailgate!

Who Dey Baby prepares a round of Bengal Bombs! The new Bengal Bomb Squad bomber cups!

Of course, the Bengal Beer Pong was also in full effect! Partygoers and friends bounced the orange pong ball, helping each other along in their inhibreation.

The game gets started! The competition is fierce! The current Bomb Squad Beer Pong CHAMPIONS!

The US Marines were in attendance for the tailgate lot parties as well as the game as they collected for Toys-For-Tots.

WhoDeyBaby with the US Marines.

Keeping warm at the tailgate was easy with the heater going full blast beneath the tents!

Staying warm by the heater.

Couples also helped keep each other warm by bundling up and cuddling.

An unmasked Bengal Thing and wife Tracy. Bomb Squad founders Mel & Stu keep warm and in the holiday spirit! Nate & Kim enjoy a tailgate together.

Friends, family, guests, and returning members all gathered for the game, hear to cheer on the Bengals for a 2 home game winstreak.

WhoDeyBaby parties with Joe & Judy New friends drop by for the party! These two know where the best Bengal tailgate can be found at! Bundled up and warm, longtime friends Fran & Dianne get ready to make some noise for the Bengals!

Of course, the group gathered for a rendition of "Kiss Me, I'm Sh*tfaced!" as always!

Stop what you're doing and sing!

Without a doubt, one of the biggest groups and greatest parties of the 2009 season! WHO DEY from the entire Bengal Bomb Squad for making such a great time possible!

The party continues to expand!