A Taste of the Playoffs!
2010-01-09 Bengals vs. Jets (A Taste of the Playoffs!)

For only the second time in nearly twenty years, the city of Cincinnati and the Bengals were hosting a playoff game! The Bengal Bomb Squad members began assembling early for our coldest tailgate ever. As usual, we were at the front of the line, waiting for Lot 1 to open for our Who Dey Party!

The calm before the storm.

The Paul Brown Cider and the Bengal Bombs were ready within minutes of pulling into the lot. All that was left was for even more Bengal fans to arrive!

Early arrivals keeping warm. Bengal fans fired up! Enjoying warm food.

Early arrivals started the party up immediately. Everyone was digging into the hot food ... and staying warm next to one of the tailgate's four heaters!!!

Jason & The Bengal Thing party Bengal Bomb Squad style! The Bengal FANatic. Bengal Bombshell's are keeping warm in style. Mel's reppin' the Orange & Black as only she can. WhoDeyBaby strikes his infamous pose!

Bengal fans were out in all shapes & size, in all their Orange & Black glory! It was playoff time in the Queen City, and no amount of wind chill would detour the Who Dey faithful!

Tracy keeps the cocoa warm & fresh! It may be chilly, but Karen loves a good beer. Rob & Josiah toast up the tailgate! Emily, Jon, & others have a brew and a laugh. Ruthie & friends sample some of the Bomb Squad Buffet!

With warm cocoa in the crock pot, plenty of beer, and plates upon plates of treats from across the NFL Playoff cities, no one suffered from a lack of appetite or new things to try! You never go hungry or thirsty at a Bengal Bomb Squad party!

Nessa and others make their way through a sea of tailgaters! The Bengal Thing makes sure everyone knows where the best Who Dey Party is at! Mel & Stu laugh and check out team updates across Twitter-nation. Stacey keeps warm and strikes a pose with Bengal FANatic

Tailgaters met new friends, old friends, and fans from all around as at the party! Everyone was busy checking the latest updates for the upcoming game, talking about what surprises the Bengals may have in store for the Jets on that day, and just how to keep warm during the forthcoming chilly time in the stadium.

Big John & Rachel celebrating another successful tailgate with friends & family! Forget Fireman Fred ... The Bengal Bomb Squad have Dancin' Fireman Andy! New Rob shouts out a Bomb Squad WHO DEY! Father & son Bomb Squad members Jerry & Brennan are a welcome addition to the tailgate troup! Jason Hex proves to be a bit of a vamp.

Say what you will about Bengal fans, but the Bengal Bomb Squad is proud to call each and every one of them friends! They are the real reason that there "Ain't no party like a Who Dey Party!"

It's time for a game! Beer Pong ball mid-flight! Still the kings of the Orange & Black beer pong!

As always, Beer Pong was a popular event at the tailgate. It's a surefire way to fire up the tailgate fans, and increase the party levels to new heights! The Bengal Thing and WhoDeyBaby make it a point to challenge all comers!

LilWhoDey keeps warm, Bengal Bomb Squad style! Somewhere beneath all that orange & black is Stacey! Mel & Stu approve of body heat for warmth!

With windchill keeping the temperature well below zero, tailgaters found all kinds of fun Bengal ways to keep warm. A big THANK YOU goes out to some of our newest members (Jerry & Brennan and the Veerkamps!) for bringing two additional heaters to the party and upping our warmth to four propane heaters! Without a doubt, we were the warmest tailgate on the river!

John & Karen and their new friend Pedro ... who had to come check out the Bengal Bomb Squad! Stephanie & Emily, cousins who had never met, chat up a bit while grabbing a brew! Friends who go way back reconnect over the Orange & Black!

New friends and old friends came from all over! Family who had never met were introduced! There's something about a playoff game in Cincinnati that just brings out the best in the Orange & Black Who Dey Nation!

Big John & Stu show off the new tiger fannypack. The sea of tailgaters under the tents.

And a few things that bring out our weirdest! Always having fun, always smiling, and always enjoying good times with the Bengal Bomb Squad.

The final group shot for the 2009-2010 season! It's Skyline Time!

We took our group shot slightly earlier than normal, thanks to a visit from the Skyline guy! He chose our tailgate group for a photo to appear on Twitter as the representation for Bengals Playoff Tailgating! Without a doubt, the 2009-2010 season was a BLAST and the Bengal Bomb Squad tailgates were wilder & larger than we ever could have imagined. New friends, old friends, and fans from all over the globe joined up with us and created a season of tailgates that we'll never forget! The Bengal Bomb Squad thanks everyone out there ... and looks forward to doing it again in Lot 1 for the 2010 Bengals's Season!