General Information
Where to Find Us...

THE LOT: We tailgate in Lot 1 of Paul Brown Stadium. Lot 1 is located between Third Street & Pete Rose Way at the intersection of Central Ave. It is directly north of the Cincinnati Bengals Practice Fields, diagonally across the street (to the northwest) of Paul Brown Stadium's Gate B.
To park in Lot 1, you must have a "Lot 1 Parking Pass." If you do not and still wish to join the Bengal Bomb Squad for a pregame tailgate party, it's easy! Just park in a neighboring public lot (there are several of them and range in price from $20 to $35 within a block or so of Lot 1), and walk over to join us! The majority of our guest do this every week !

WHERE IN THE LOT: We're located towards the back of Lot 1, one row away from the rear concrete wall. We're set-up directly underneath where the overpasses intersect. Look for the "Bengal Bomb Squad" flag as well as the Who Dey Heroes Bus and our 20ft inflatable tiger tail blowing in the wind!

What To Bring ...

We are a traditional tailgate, not a catered event. One of the our favorite things about the weekly tailgate is the wide-variety of food, drink, and desserts that everyone brings to the party. It's that variety that keeps our group unique & different.
If you're coming to the party, please bring something to pitch-in & delight the tastebuds of all the guests.

FOOD: Every week features a themed menu! We'll post each week's theme in advance, and try to theme our dishes to match. Want to join the theme? It's easy, just coincide with the visiting team's local cuisine ... or use your imagination and give a traditional dish a themed name (e.g. "Jerk Chicken Pasta" becomes "Browns Fan Chicken Pasta").

DRINK: Through donations & support of our weekly guests, the Bengal Bomb Squad has a supply of soda & water available at all tailgates as well as a selection of pop & soda. New for 2010, we now offer a keg of Miller Lite at our tailgates in addition to our popular Paul Brown Cider! Donations to these drink supplies are always welcome! Want to pick up something harder? Jagermeister & Capt. Morgan's Tattoo Rum are always needed for our rounds of Bengal Bombs & Tiger Bombs! Or, bring a bottle of your favorite to share with everyone!
We never throw beverages away! Anything left at the end of the tailgate will be packed up properly, stored, and kept for the next game! Our bar is 100% generated by what our guests bring to the party, so any contribution is welcome!

DONATIONS: Not known for your culinary skills? Traveling and can't prep something or cook anything? Barely got time to pick up a bag of chips? The Bengal Bomb Squad does accept cash donations to the party for this very reason. All you have to do donate is find Big John at the party (not a hard thing to do) and pass along your donation. All guests who donate are automatically entered into our weekly giveaway drawing (prize is drawn one-hour before kickoff, winner must be present to claim prize or we re-draw).
Bottom line is, the beverages we supply, the propane for the grills, the gas for the generator, the tables & tents, everything it takes to keep the party going does cost. Every dime we receive from donations goes right back into the party to keep things going at a "Who Dey Party don't stop!" level. We appreciate everyone donation and everyone who pitches in to keep the party going! Each donation of $10 or more will receive a tailgate gift of orange & black beads or Bengal Bomb Squad temporary tattoos. It's just our way of further saying "THANK YOU & WHO DEY!"

What To Expect ...

A WHO DEY PARTY! We are family and friends and Bengal fans and more all coming together to just have a good time together before the game. Good people, great food, and even better fun! We've got the music, we've got the Bengals videos & highlights, we've got the Bengal Bombs ... all we're missing is you and your own good-natured fun!
Be sure and enjoy our sing-a-long rendition of "Kiss Me...", it's become a tradition at our tailgates! Laugh with us, play a game of beer pong or cornhole, ... and listen for the call of "Beeeeengaaaal Booooooooombs!" After the last round of Bombs each tailgate, thanks to a sponsorship by BC Rooster's, all guests are encouraged to keep & take home their Bengal Bomb Squad bomber cup as a souvenir!
It's our way of saying "Welcome, to OUR Jungle!"