The Party
How it started ...

One family, season ticket holders since the mid-1970s, decides to start tailgating before the games. When their friends get tickets, they invite them to join their party.

A year or so later ... a tailgate from a neighboring lot moves to Lot 1, specifically to join-up with this family. The result? A family tailgate meets with superfans The Bengal Thing & WhoDeyBaby ... and the Bengal Bomb Squad is born!

That's how it all begins, simple enough. Over time comes the arrival of the Who Dey Heroes Bus, more fun, more games and more guests than ever before! This is what a Who Dey Party is all about ... friends, family, football, & fun!

The Food ...

Every tailgate features a themed-menu of food and treats. All of our guests pitch-in and bring delicious additions to the menu to share with all. The grill is fired-up as soon as we arrive, we feature a small deep-fryer some hot treats, we've got power & outlets for crockpots full of warm chili & spicy meatballs, and plenty of table space to create an unforgettable buffet!
We do use paper plates and disposable cups (our parties have gotten too big to do dishes every week), but we still use reusable metal silverware to serve and dine with. Make sure you take care of your trash and place used silverware in our "Dirty Dish" bin so we can have them ready for the next tailgate.

The Drink...

We've got coolers! Add yours to the mix! Need water? We've got it. Need a cola? We've got it. Need a beer? The keg is tapped! And, of course, what would the Bengal Bomb Squad be without Bengal Bombs!! The bar is stocked with whatever our guests bring to add to it, the blender is ready to make special drinks whenever possible, and ... of course ... Paul Brown Cider is chilled and ready to be enjoyed at all times.
Don't forget, thanks to a sponsorship by BC Rooster's, all guests are encourage to keep their Bengal Bomb Squad bomber cup as a souvenir after the final round of bombs each tailgate!

The Games ...

Tailgate games & traditions are alive and well with the Bengal Bomb Squad! Cornhole, ladder golf, and beer pong are always available! Two Bomb Squad members, Jerry & Brennan, are the defending 2010 Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association cornhole tournament champions and beware of taking on the team of The Bengal Thing & WhoDeyBaby in beer pong ... they've got orange & black pride on their side!

The Facepainting ...

New this season, the Bengal Bomb Squad now offers gameday facepainting during the tailgate! Can't get up at 5 am to put on the warpaint like WhoDeyBaby? Fear not, we've got you covered ... literally!
Big John or Jeff (of Air Grafx) will hook you up with an airbrushed Bengal gameface to intimidate all visiting opponents! Cover your face, stripe up part of your cheek, get decked out in a Bengal "hero" mask, or just accent your eyes ... we'll get you wearing the orange & black with brilliant pride!
There is no charge for facepainting, but we do ask that you make a small donation to help cover the makeup and equipment costs. Just drop it in the box! In addition, a portion of all facepaint donations will be donated to the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation!

The Souvenirs ...

We want you to remember your time partying with the Bengal Bomb Squad! We want you showing your Bengal pride like never before when you enter Paul Brown Stadium! So, we step it up and help you out!
All guests who make a donation to the tailgate are automatically entered into our tailgate prize drawing! We'll draw for the winner one-hour before kickoff (winner must be present or else we'll draw for a new one)! Stuffed tigers, Bengal neon clocks, Bengal hats, light ups, and much more ... it's something new and different almost every game!
In addition, every guest who donates $10 or more receives a Bengal Bomb Squad tattoo, one of our weekly tailgate buttons, & a lanyard!
Want to go one step further? Donate $15 or more to the tailgate and you'll receive a Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate t-shirt!!
We're not done yet though! Bengal Bombs are what gave us our name ... and our bomber cups are a unique Bengal Bomb Squad feature! So, thanks to the good folks at BC Rooster's, all of our guests are encouraged to take their Bengal Bomb Squad bomber cup home after the last round of Bengal Bombs at each and every tailgate! It's yours, just for partying with us!

The Features ...

You've never seen a Who Dey Party like this! A Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate is packed surprises and features everywhere you look! Food is prepped on our 90,000 btu Big gAss Grill from Camp Chef. Thirsty? Cool off with some Paul Brown Cider or pour a Miller Lite from the keg.

Our Who Dey sound system keeps the music going throughout the tailgate. We've got a generator keeping the power going so the food stays warm & the tunes keep coming. Bengal highlights and pregame shows are always on the TV and there's even our landmark inflatables Who Dey (on top of the Who Dey Heroes Bus) and "Andre"!

Hot tailgate towards the end of summer? Have no fear, we've got shade from the nearby overpasses and our duel Bengals tents. Risk of a pretty wet tailgate from rain? We've got you covered ... literally! Additional tents are ready to be brought in to make sure the Who Dey Party don't stop.

What would football be without cold weather games? Well we know how to handle a cold-weather tailgate! Up to four propane heaters keep things toasty at the tailgate so you're still happy to enjoy all the fun.

Each and every one of these additions are kept going by your donations to the tailgate. Keep them going for the parties to come by entering our tailgate drawings & donating to the tailgate.

The Times ...

We party for as long as we can! Tailgates normally begin four (4) hours before kickoff (9am for a 1pm game). They may begin slightly earlier than four hours before kickoff for later games if Hamilton County opens the lots sooner.
Throughout the tailgate, beer pong, the sing-a-long of "Kiss Me...", and facepainting all make appearences!

At one hour before kickoff (normally 12 noon), we do one last round of Bengal Bombs, hold our giveaway drawing, take our end of tailgate group photo and break everything down.

The best part is, after three hours of an unforgettable Who Dey Party ... there's still a Cincinnati Bengals game to enjoy inside the confines of Paul Brown Stadium!