Tailgating in Style!
This is how WE do it!

As the Bengal Bomb Squad has grown, we've found a few things we like that help take our parties to the next level and increase everyone's experience!
Everything here makes regular appearances at our tailgates, often thanks to our guests donations!


Step up for tailgate gametime with Flimsee!

From backyards to the tailgate, Flimsee is the game for those passionate about having fun.  If you enjoy cornhole, ladder ball, disc golf, or any backyard game,  just wait until someone brings Flimsee.

The Bengal Bomb Squad bring Flimsee to the parking lots of the NFL for some added tailgate fun!

Flimsee (pronounced “flim-sē”) is a precision stick, cup, and disc game set that keeps players constantly engaged through offensive and defensive objectives. Players participate in multiple games in which competing players accurately throw discs, bounce cups, catch cups, and score points.  Flimsee represents what it means to go outside, exert energy, and enjoy oneself in the company of others.  Make Flimsee part of the party and start having more fun.

Order your own Flimsee set today and get shipped to you for free when you use promo code BOMBSQUAD !

Pong games go to the next level with Basketpong!

The Bengal Bomb Squad is pleased to present Basketpong! New for our tailgates in 2012, Basketpong comes to the parking lot in the Who Dey Heroes Bus, but will fit in any tailgate vehicle .... Even a Civic hatchback! It's the ideal big game that transports in a small space!

Basketpong's portability is tailored for tailgating with a vertical backboard that attaches to a pole that is supported by a base, similar to a basketball goal. The backboard has eight slots to insert rims in different patterns. The rims secure the cups to the backboard. This allows you to play the game at different skill levels: with a standard pyramid (Pro Level), an upside down pyramid (All-Star) or play to the Xtreme with all 8 cups on the backboard at once for a more challenging experience.

Basketpong is designed for two teams of two, with 2 Basketpong balls, a shooting distance of 8 feet and a playing height of 6 feet. But players can quickly and easily adjust any of these variables. Opposing teams alternate shooting Basketpong balls at the other team's Basketpong goals. The first team to clear all of the cups from the opposing team's goal wins the game! Please check out their page for more details on Basketpong.

Stencil Eyes by Showoffs Body Art

Gameday facepainting made easy! On tailgate mornings, we're already loading and prepping as early as 5 a.m.! Who has time that early to spend 30 minutes to an hour putting on traditional gameday facepaint? With Stencil Eyes by Showoffs Body Art, unique gameday faces are quick and easy for anyone!

These stencils are engineered for application using airbrush makeup. It's as easy as Right Face, Left Face, Detail, done! The "EYE" ensures perfect alignment every time as well as protection against overspray. The result is safe, symmetrical fantasy faces at a fast pace never before imagined. Most designs are interchangeable so you can produce one-of-a-kind, dramatic faces that reflect your personal style and touch. Complete full face, multi-color designs in 2-3 minutes with ease!

The stencils have work fabulously for the Bengal Bomb Squad! At a charity event in 2010, our airbrush artist was scheduled to do freehand face painting, but he had to cancel at the last minute. With no time to practice, Big John was doing face-painting on his own with the Stencil Eyes. Thanks to the stencils, not only was he able to do the job masterfully... but he had a line that never stopped!! We had kids and guests all waiting and eager to get a game face on! In about 50 minutes, he was able to do over 20 different faces... and that's with absolutely NO airbrush art experience whatsoever! Finally cleaning the stencils off after a few games, we were impressed at how quickly and easily they cleaned up with a little rubbing alcohol!

The Out And About House!!

Thanks to our friends at Out and About House, the Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate now feature its own Out And About House portable restroom!!

We took some time and decked it out in our own bit of Orange & Black and Bengal Bomb Squad style, so even this new addition is the perfect fit for our Who Dey Party! The entire structure sets-up in under a couple minutes, and folds up even faster!

The Bengal Bomb Squad's Out and About House will made it's debut during the Cincinnati/Tamba Bay tailgate on 10/10/2010! With proper care & maintenance by our members & guests who visit the facility, the Out and About House has become a returning feature to our tailgates for seasons and games to come!

PLEASE NOTE: The Bengal Bomb Squad's Out and About House is for the use of our members and guests only. This is not a public facility.

The appearance of the Out and About House is limited by our local weather conditions and other factors. Your understanding is appreciated.