Our Guests

What follows are photos, notes & emails we've gotten from out-of-state guests who've joined up with the Bomb Squad for a tailgate!


Ross Tucker with members of the Bengal Bomb Squad!

Ross Tucker of Sirius/NFL Radio and ESPN Podcast fame dropped by the tailgate before the Bengals/Steelers match on 11/13/2012! He later praised the food and atmosphere on the air during his weekly podcasts!

(Jay The Tailgate Guy - visited the November 8, 2009 tailgate)

Professional tailgater Jay The Tailgate Guy plays Beer Pong with the Bengal Bomb Squad!

Jay The Tailgate Guy dropped by the tailgate and played a few rounds of Bengals Beer Pong with WhoDeyBaby, The Bengal Thing, and others! His visit was documented by (see our NEWS! section for the video)


(Paolo, Filo, and Fabio of Milan, Italy visited the October 25, 2009 tailgate)

Paolo, Filo, and Fabio ... Bengal fans visiting from Milan, Italy!

Representing the Who Dey Nation in Milan, Italy and representing their home country of Italy with a little Ocho Cinco flair!


(Rich, Luke, and Tel of Kansas City - visited the October 25, 2009 tailgate)

Rich, Luke, and Tel on their NFL stadium tour!

This group of NFL fans hit a different NFL stadium & city every season! We were their tailgate of choice while checking out Paul Brown Stadium and the Cincinnati Bengals!


(From Pork Chop of Kansas - visited the October 18, 2009 tailgate)

Well, I'm home safely from my Cincinnati adventure, and I wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to Big John and The Bengal Thing for an awesome tailgate party. The GF and I had a really good time and had fun meeting some of the people from the ( boards. And OMG Tiger Bombs are to die for.
Funny story: The stuffed tiger had a little trouble making it through security at the airport. When it went through the machine, the TSA people saw the battery pack and the wires and freaked out a little bit. Samantha was explaining to them how we won it at a tailgate party and how the batteries were to make it roar. When I tried to make it work, it didn't! Either the batteries were dead or the x-ray machine fried it! Coincidentally, I was called out of line for random pat-down, so things were looking dicey for a bit. But, in the end, TSA determined the tiger was not a threat to air traffic or national security, and we made it through. LOL!
Anyway, we had a blast at the party and at the game, and the door prize gave us a great story to tell. Thanks for helping make this weekend unforgettable. I can't wait for my next trip back.

Pork Chop

Pork Chop (left) and the other winners with the security-threat stuffed tigers!


(From Kerrie of Pittsburgh - visited the September 27, 2009 tailgate)

I am from New Stanton, PA (which is about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, PA.) I found your tailgate party while walking around just soaking in the Bengals pregame atmosphere in Cincinnati at the Bengal/Steeler game last Sunday. It was my first game in Cincinnati and it was different for me to see more Orange and Black than Black and Gold. Since I live so close to Pittsburgh, of course I normally only get to see the Bengals play in Pittsburgh. I was so awesome to be the one who fits in...haaaa!
I was walking around with two of my friends from Pittsburgh (who are Steeler fans) and didn't know what to expect. I could only smile when my little Steelers girls took a little abuse from the Bengal Nation. Your tailgate party only put icing on the cake. You guys are a class act. You took us all in and gave us some us some nice memories of the day. Everyone was so nice to me and didn't hold it against me that I was rolling with my Steeler fan friends. I think they were in shock...while I was in my happy place. haaaaa!!!! They are normally with me when tailgating in Pittsburgh, and I am the only Bengal fan in the group.......I do NOT get the same reception in the burg. It is normally is a full on verbal and sometimes physical assault. Bengals fans are definitely a class act!!!!!
I hope that if you guys ever decide to take the trip to Pittsburgh, you let me know. I go to all the Bengal games at Heinz Field and would definitely love to have a few more Bengals fans to party with. haaaa!!!


Thanks again!!!
Kerrie - the stray cat from Pittsburgh

Kat and members of the Bengal Bomb Squad


(Sgt. Colt - visited the September 3, 2009 tailgate)

Sgt. Colt invades the Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate!

Indianapolis Colts superfan "Sgt. Colt" joined the Bengal Bomb Squad for the Bengals & Colts preseason game tailgate!


(Football Steve [aka 50 Pounds] - visited the November 30, 2008 tailgate)

Ravens superfan Football Steve drops by to party with the Bengal Bomb Squad!

Baltimore's Football Steve hooks up with the Bengal Bomb Squad for a rainy day tailgate before the Bengals & Ravens at PBS.