About Us

We are the Bengal Bomb Squad! We are family tailgate that grew to a family of Bengal fans. It all started for us like everyone else, tailgating out of the back of our own cars with portable grills, a folding table or two, and just some good-natured enthusiasm for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Our tailgate has become the tailgating home to superfans The Bengal Thing, WhoDeyBaby, & Big John - all members of the Pro Football Ultimate Fan Association (PFUFA). The popular Who Dey Heroes Bus has become the centerpiece of every party. In addition, we're known across the nation for our Bengal Bombs (and Tiger Bombs) in our special bomber cups!

We welcome guests and friends from all over! Tailgating & the NFL experience offers something for everyone! No one is a stranger at our parties. Just bring your good-natured fun, some food & drink to share, and a love of having a good time! That's all it takes.

Every tailgate ends with a group photo of that days guests! Make sure you stick around for the final round of Bengal Bombs, our giveaway drawing, and the group photo! The group shots started with only six of us in the picture, now we need a wide angle lens just to get everyone in!

Want to join us for a game? For the season? Just send an email to Big John and you're good to go!


"How do I become a member of the Bengal Bomb Squad?..."

Joining up and partying with the Bengal Bomb Squad is EASY! Just come on down to Lot 1 on gameday and pitch in to join the party! Shoot an email to Big John with any questions and you're ready to go!

Ok, so that answers that question! However, the most commonly asked next question is "How do I get a membership button?" That takes a little more!

Bengal Bomb Squad membership buttons are not given out, they are earned by our guests & members who have stepped up to prove they make the party better just by being there! These are the people who get there early to help set-up, who stay a little later to help with teardown & pack-up, who always bring creative & tasty dishes to share with others, and/or who make efforts during the tailgates to make certain everything goes smoothly & everyone has a good time!

Trust us, we notice the people & guests who step-up week-after-week to make things better! Come down to the party and have a good time with all!

Button Subtitles
  • "Founder/Co-Founder"
  • These are the members who were there at the beginning. They merged their smaller tailgates into what has now become The Bengal Bomb Squad! Starting with things out of the back of their cars, these people married their love for the Bengals into a group ... and now a Bengal family ... so that they'd have friends & family to tailgate with every gameday!
  • "Class of 20??"
  • These are the members who are there tailgate after tailgate doing their thing! From the first day they partied with us, they helped us create better tailgate memories for all. These are season ticket holders and other members who come to multiple games every season. (NOTE: The year denotes what season they received their membership button)
  • "Reserve Squadron"
  • These members may only come to one or two games a year, or one or two games every couple of years, but they are unforgettable every time we see them!
  • "(other) Squadron"
  • There are some "visiting" fans from other teams who join our party every time they're in town. Our tailgate is better because they're a part of it. Their buttons denote their favorite NFL team, but also note that just because they may not be "Bengal" fans...they are definitely part of the Bengal Bomb Squad.
  • "Honorary Member"
  • A handful of these buttons are handed out to local-area icons who've been there and supported the Bengal Bomb Squad throughout the years. These guests may not be able to join us on gameday tailgates, but they've proven time & again that they are part of the Orange & Black Nation!