Bengal Bomb Squad Events!
"Bronco Bustin' Tailgate!" - Broncos vs. Bengals
September 25
9:00am to 4:00pm

It's time to have a "Bronco Bustin' Tailgate", and make no mistake we're going all out for the return of regular season tailgating in Lot 1! We're welcoming the Super Bowl Champions and their stable of horses into The Queen City! Can The Dalton Gang break these Broncos??!

Bring a dish to share with all! Theme it to Denver, to the wild west, or just bring something tasty! Our menu is 100% dependent on you!

Our 2016 Bengal Bomb Squad t-shirts will debut at the tailgate! This year's new design is yours for free with a $10 tailgate donation (that includes a raffle ticket, discount coupons, tailgate button, and more!)